Monday, February 3, 2014

How to choose the color of her lingerie?

How to choose the color of her lingerie
Black color
black has a strange and symbolic side is a timeless color. Seductive and elegant, it will be perfect with any outfit, whether simple or extravagant. With its chic glamor, the intense black will be perfect for your holiday parties.

White is a color multifaceted, both synonymous with peace, relaxation, pure and invigorating tonic but it will fit your every mood at all times and for all occasions! During the winter, the white even brings a touch of energizing clarity when sunlight is scarce ... His candid appearance is a sexy asset, it wreaks havoc with our dear lovers!

Lingerie wedding
lingerie wedding is as important as the dress. For this great event, consider the neckline of your dress, shape, color and material. All colors are permitted, you can marry the color of your underwear to that of your dress. Opt for white symbol of purity for the chic black or red for attractive ... As for materials, the nobility prefer satin, lace or tulle.

The colors and their meanings
Blue encourages creativity and inspiration through his side dynamic and soothing time.
Yellow attracts attention and catches the eye is the color of summer, sun, light ...
Green is an anti-stress: it gives a feeling of relaxation and creates a comforting atmosphere.

Lingerie undetectable under clothing
Contrary to what one might think a white bra under a white dress will accentuate the transparency ... For invisible underwear opt for red (yes!), the color of skin pastels.

Transparent straps
Through them you can customize to your liking all your bras with removable straps!

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