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how to choose lingerie at pregnancy

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In perpetual evolution for nine months and often subjected to hardships, Body of pregnant woman needs nice underwear to wear and adapted to these changes. Result, you will agree that we need to focus comfort and quality of maintenance for optimal chest. Not to make a mistake while choose lingerie at pregnancy.

At what point do we start to focus on lingerie pregnancy?

Women have different morphologies, they therefore begin to wear lingerie all pregnant the same month of pregnancy. Some take the chest in the early weeks, for others it happens later. Sometimes it is not the volume that changes but the sensitivity of the chest. Suddenly, lace or frames can become unbearable. As the bottom can sometimes keep her usual lingerie, especially if it is "hipster". But some mothers prefer briefs pregnancy that cover the belly. Anyway, it is imperative favor comfort. As soon as one begins to feel cramped, as lingerie brand skin or that no longer feels maintained at the bust, it's time to change.

How to choose lingerie?

When investing in lingerie pregnancy, it must be able to serve several months in a body turns. The focus should be elastic mesh that accompany many changes in volume and bras equipped with several sets of hooks on the back to deal with the expansion of the rib cage. Attention through the seams against scratching and frames that can hurt if the cap is too small over time.

Where can I buy lingerie pregnancy? Are there any specialty stores?

They can be found in some supermarkets, specialty channels in childcare, small shops classic linen or large retail clothing. But attention to quality! Lingerie, it has a price. It is on the internet found the most choice, dedicated to motherhood and specific guidance to the attention of mothers brands.

Are there different types of lingerie adapted to the stage of pregnancy (early pregnancy, late pregnancy, breastfeeding)?

We find for most future and young mothers face three major changes that require changes lingerie. The beginning of pregnancy until about the eighth month, chest supports volume (one to two cups in general, and a headband size bra). This is the time to invest in a comfortable style, with many hooks on the back. Thereafter, the ribs apart to make room for the baby and breastfeeding question arises for those who want it. We advise that time to focus on comfort. Avoid frames. Contrary to some beliefs, a bra without underwire can provide excellent support. Should be chosen very elastic models covering two cup sizes or existing bras in size S, M or L with clips or access for breastfeeding if that is your choice. Some microfibers can stretch in all directions. They then adapt very well to volume changes that can be very important when the flow of milk and early breastfeeding (an extra cap in general). For moms who choose the bottle, chest not found immediately the volume of pre-pregnancy. The maternity bras are so few time. Be careful not to end up with a too large model that no longer holds anything. Lactating see that after 4 to 6 weeks, the breast size stabilizes and does not vary as much in the day. They may for the time to try new sizes, always flexible to not hurt the chest.

How to choose a bra?

A good bra should be comfortable. It should not leave any marks on the skin or "cut" the chest. The band must take back just below the shoulder blades and straps must remain on the shoulders, without damaging them. Frames must encompass the entire chest and never rest on the breast, or hurt ribs. If from the first fitting sewing or lace itches a little, change model. This can quickly become unbearable all day. Careful with cuts that go over the nipple. This is more significant with pregnancy. The "cast" (without thickness but the fabric has a breast form without need of sewing) models are generally very gentle on the skin.

What kind of bottom wear? Should we always wear panties holding while pregnant?

Again, it depends on the mothers. Attention to the briefs that become just a little sewing and whose "cut" the buttock to look like for comfort. The seamless below are generally less visible under clothing designed and very elastic microfiber. Boxers and Shorts less marked in the pants. They are useful if you do not want to wear thong. As for holding the panty, it is not always essential. It depends a bit inches added to the waist. In late pregnancy, it is still better in place and protects well the belly, the skin can become sensitive to the slightest friction.

From when to provide lingerie for breastfeeding?

There should be a specific lingerie for breastfeeding when her maternity bag is prepared. If, once born baby, we find ourselves forced to live without a bra when we string of visits and we want to get up - with a chest that has tripled - this is hell! To stay in the maternity ward we recommend having several bras or bras well adapted to the rise of milk, and possibly some Tanks integrated bra and fitted with clips of breastfeeding. This allows to wear breast pads, even at night, and breastfeed discreetly, especially when baby sucks to our dear father-who we did not want to show anything.

Are there a preferred material? Avoid?

Beware of elastic mesh and lace low range that does not allow the skin to breathe. sweating and discomfort guaranteed! The cotton is very soft on the skin and are bio version, but few models cotton sewing happening at the cap. Moreover, the elasticity is not always the rendezvous, which plays much for comfort. Microfiber has the advantage of being elastic and dry quickly. It is quite handy if you have only 2 or 3 bras. The fibers of good quality do not relax, keep their color and resist many washes. But, again, this has a price! Some women have small losses of colostrum at the end of pregnancy. Take it into account as cotton, padded cups (or shells - except those equipped with Spacer technology which is very airy) dry slower than most synthetic fibers.

One last tip for our readers?

Lingerie at all times of life, is an asset of femininity. With pregnancy, childbirth and above all, the body changes a lot and can be difficult to adapt to this new silhouette. Motherhood is a step in which the chest is vulnerable because the volume changes can be very significant and relax the skin that holds the mammary glands. My recommendations are the following: regularly check that you are in your underwear (the comfort and support are always waiting for you), and do not put the fun side. 9 months with a lousy lingerie, it is very long. Give yourself at least one model in which you feel attractive and good about yourself. This can serve as therapy when you feel exhausted and that no longer fit into any pants.

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