Monday, March 16, 2015


Transparency can be retro-chic with garter belt and panties waist-high, with modern cuts and materials, always with the aim of revealing while concealing essential. Transparency, it is ultimately a game with which women can all have fun.

View Dolce & Gabanna shows, Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler, Burberry Prorsum, Roberto Cavalli or Bottega Veneta, transparency is everywhere.

There is no room for modest on the catwalk, suggestive in some creators, more discreet in others, transparency is present to show as it does in the cache, while subtlety and delicacy.

The organza and very fine silk marked the summer of 2014, but for the summer 2015, things go even further. More we hesitate not to discover her legs to reveal her chest ...

Indispensable star of this Spring-Summer 2015, transparency will be sexy or will not.

Transparency is a very interesting concept in lingerie, it can be retro-chic with garter belt and panties waist-high, with modern cuts and materials, always with the aim of revealing while concealing the essential. Transparency, it is ultimately a game with which women can all have fun.

It is a seductive weapons creators give to women. Everything is in the suggestion, so do not show everything but suggest is what makes this so sensual transparency.

For lingerie, transparency is not perceived in the same way as for clothing. Transparency requires discernment and imagination for clothing, while in lingerie, she immediately reveals much more. So we can not afford any wrongdoing under threat of falling into vulgarity ... So when wearing the transparent lingerie in the context of a romantic evening, do not overdo the makeup, and not make hair too extravagant, it is best to play simple card, in order not to do too much.

Lingerie, especially the transparent lingerie, is known to exert power over man. This is due to the transparency games with the sail, the layering, the use of noble materials such as lace or silk.


For this Spring-Summer 2015 Aubade proposes many models remembering the flowers, often in a vintage style.

Lines Brazil Paradise, Carnival Queen, Bahia, Garden of Delights are biased to flowers.
The colors Salvador Bahia collection is a tropical print ultra glamorous with her mischievous lacing and small cuts. This color is fresh, clear, immediately inform your lingerie wardrobe! This model is one of the heart of the Lemon Team calls for the new Aubade collection!

The Fiesta Brazil Paradise colors adornment consists of black tulle and embroidery of yellow and pink flowers with light brown tones. All this creates a nice contrast. The pen (removable) in the center of the model gives a little sexy touch to the bra. This collection is inspired wreaths of colorful flowers Frida Kahlo.
Line Carnival Queen, available in colors Tequila, Sugar Cane and Caipiroska will delight you with its festive inspiration and glamor. Leavers Calais lace is very soft and makes a real comfort, so this line combines comfort and sensuality.

The Graceful adornment at Gossard consists of a bustier, with its slightly retro flower pattern and basket style caps, and a string, both composed of a printed with big pink roses and green leaves, all on navy blue background.

We love the removable straps strapless allowing us to wear it with light dresses, and the good maintenance of the model through a Basque broad accompanied by thin strips of silicone.

Lemon Boudoir also offers many floral patterns as all peony and ivory from the Opal line, an ornament covered with large white flowers on a dotted background pink and ivory. This pattern makes a fashion and very original.

Revelation line Simone Perele available in Carmine Black or skin, put flowers in front with delicacy with embroidered flowers on a slightly transparent tulle.

Barbara offers us the flower colors Red Tea model was composed of white lace and cotton liberty motif from violet to orange. This is a floral and feminine finery.

We of course also found in various floral pattern swimwear brands offered by Lemon Curve This pattern is perfect for illuminating sunny skins.

You are now ready to become the queen of the fields!


Lingerie collections Spring-Summer 2015 are biased flower with a multitude of choices in materials and patterns that will appeal to each one

Fashion shows Spring / Summer 2015 was the opportunity to confirm this avalanche of flowers.

Viktor & Rolf made this year a haute couture fashion show with dresses, extravagant and impressive flowers ... are a feast for the eyes. One can also see the flower power at Michael Kors, Erden, Valentino, House of Holland ...

Floral prints are available on midi skirts and mini dresses trapezoids in a very sixties style.

It takes place this year a comeback flowers on the podium but these designers are not the first to call on the floral motif.

The flowers come in the Western locker room from the late Middle Ages. Velvet and embroidered silks immortalizing these flowers come from the Far East. In the UK, chintz, lightweight cotton fabric printed with flowers and arabesques, is extremely popular in the seventeenth century.

The British quickly loved the floral, very active in the London department store Liberty at the turn of the twentieth century.

Flowers are undoubtedly become the universal language of fashion. Even Gabrielle Chanel, known for its taste yet minimalism and total black look, fell for the floral motif when in 1912, Boy Capel offered a bouquet of camellias. She did so this flower its unofficial logo, and use it to decorate jewelry, bags and hats throughout his career.

As for Christian Dior, it is inspired by all flowers with her Corolle line for his first collection in 1947. The fashion flowers and flowers in fashion is a history that goes way back. The flowers are associated with femininity, it is a delicacy symbol, and appearance of a flower and a woman have more than one common point.

The floral design is a cool trend that may appeal to each of us. A multitude of flowers, sunflowers, poppies, lilies, roses, orchids ... and motifs, flowers XXL, liberty, brighten up your summer lingerie.

In addition to the floral motif there is also embroidered flowers on many sailing models, smooth and subtle.