Monday, February 3, 2014

How to choose sports lingerie ?

sports lingerie
Whatever the sport, except maybe yoga, wearing a bra is advisable to limit the movements of the chest. Because we do not forget that it is men who have to drag your feet, not your breasts! To properly maintain this fragile body, a bra is chosen depending on the sport that is practiced. There are several categories: soft sports (pilates, gymnastics, archery, tai chi, Nordic walking ...), medium intensity sports (rowing, fencing, climbing, mountain biking, cycling, rollerblading, skiing, golf, dance ...) and high-intensity sports (horse riding, tennis, badminton, aerobics, basketball, volleyball, jogging, hand, combat sports ...). If those who practice pilates can opt for a simple bra, tennis enthusiasts will they choose a bra more technical: seamless cups, wide adjustable shoulder straps, padded or quilted side reinforcement ... And you have a strong chest, the more you need to opt for maximum support. Ok, it's not very sexy, but essential!

Don't read the label on sportswear! There are technological fibers used in the manufacture of sportswear because they quickly remove perspiration, and they are soft and comfortable to wear. Some fibers also prevent the growth of bacteria and limit odors. A significant detail to the underwear. You may know more Lycra: it helps to have a very comfortable, good elasticity, ideal for keeping freedom of movement. Clothes also keep their shape longer and are less crease (always good to know for allergy ironing). Before buying a sports clothing, so you should evaluate some criteria: freedom of movement, limiting irritation (at the seams), wicking, soft and comfortable to the touch.

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