Monday, January 27, 2014


For any item, it is the most fragile fabric or ornament which needs maintenance. In all cases, it is essential to follow the instructions on the label.

MAINTAIN HER LINGERIE To maintain her lingerie and keep longer lingerieonlineshopping recommends washing hand. If however you want to use machine, USE low temperature with a little detergent protect your LINGERIE in a suitable net or a pillow if they are silk or satin. Use a special lingerie detergent and select the fragile WASH program. For some models whose label mentions, a washing machine is possible, always at low temperature (never exceed 30 ° C). In this case, your lingerie should be placed in a washing bag, thereby avoiding any addict with your other clothes. And bra must be closed to the clip tighter. In all cases, choose a simultaneous washing part of your attire. This will allow the color to remain fully coordinated.

MAINTAINING SWIMSUIT lingerieonlineshopping advise you to rinse with clear water after each swim. And it will keep its elasticity and its original colors. Spend time in another machine and cold short program to remove the last traces of chlorine, salt and sand. Let dry flat away from any direct heat source.

MAINTAINING STOCKINGS AND TIGHTS For your hosiery, lingerieonlineshopping suggest you wash separately by hand. More or sticking your bottom is, the more it will be difficult to wash. It is not advisable to tumble dry or iron them, that alter their elasticity. Also, avoid using fabric softener for freestanding low, it DECREASE the adhering silicone bands power.

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